Alarm Clock Puzzle v3.1.0.1170 [Premium]

Requirements: 4.4 and up

Overview: We needed an app that will make sure we get up in time. Now Alarm Clock Puzzle v3.1.0.1170 is here.

Are you a kind of person who create a lot of separate alarms & don’t know when the next one is going to go off ?

Are you a kind of person who can’t get together in the morning?

Do you turn off the alarm and go back to sleep?

Does this happens that alarm goes off and you set snooze endlessly?

Woke up before the alarm and you want to skip it?

Alarm Clock Puzzle v3.1.0.1170 [Premium] is the answer to these questions & solution to your problems due to these features:

  • Time of next alarm is shown in the same place
  • Games & puzzles are added so that you can turn off the alarm after solving the puzzle
  • You will have to give a proof that you are awake after 5 minutes of alarm when “Wake Up Poke” feature is enabled
  • You can add snooze limit & turn off any alarm with in an hour before it goes off

Bugs are fixed & performance is improved in Alarm Clock Puzzle v3.1.0.1170

This application has no advertisements

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