Fear Of Traffic 1.1 [v1.1] (Paid) Apk for Android

Requirements: 4.4
Overview: Designed to find its sweet spot among families and infants, you will have great moments with Fear of Traffic. 

Fear Of Traffic 1.1 Apk for Android

With its colorful world and a magical soundtrack, you will be entranced in this game where your mission will be that of finding the way out, avoiding blocked roads, odd objects on the way and dramatic accidents with other drivers. You can try to ramp up your score finding hidden collectibles in every level. Because it is at this time that you should have really fear of traffic. 

Fear Of Traffic 1.1 APK Android Game

At the starting of the game, the user will find himself transplanted in an extremely big map, free to be explored in each and every corner. At mid-screen, the player’s car will be displayer. Such will need to be brought to a level-exit avoiding pedestrians, cars and obstacles in order to not fail the level. In the top-left corner, the distance from the target can be found. Every level will have its own score, that will add up to every other level’s. Being the primary targets of the game families and infants, it is specifically designed for short but intense plays, requiring about half an hour to get completed. The user is then challenged to repeat those levels that posed some degree of hardship, with the goal of setting a new high score, maybe enjoying the company of other players competing against each other to earn the “winner” title.

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