Golf peaks v3.0

Essential Requirement: Android 5.0+

Overview This game comprises of tiny puzzle in which you will climb mountains and peaks by putting balls in the holes from long distance by swinging your sticks. In lay man language simply by playing golf. This game is all about solving tiny puzzles by playing golf.

This game has earned it’s place in the market and successfully make its worth in following awards nomination.

  1. Top 10 google play indie showcase games.
  2. 1st place in The Big India Pitch.
  3. Nominee for 15th IMGA awards.

· Trademark

  • 10 worlds with 120+ levels
    • Experimenting various blocks type
    • Single handed play interface
    • No knowledge of gold required
    • Extravagant card-based movement
    • No ads.

§ What makes it different from others

  1. Added login on main menu.
  2. Small tease on the main menu.
  3. 10 worlds with 12 fresh brand-new levels.

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Post Credits: Adil Manzor Virk

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