Overlays: Floating Apps Automation v6.4 build 169 [Final] [Pro]

Requirements: 4.4+

Overview: Overlays is an advanced multitasking/multi window automation tool that floats your widgets everywhere.

What are Overlays?

Your widgets, shortcuts and our in-app unique overlay

Automatic and manual triggers:

  1. Application
  2. Events
  3. Home Button
  4. Shortcuts
  5. Side Bars
  6. Always On
  7. Screen Lock
  8. Quick Setting Tile (Pro, Android 7.0+)

Included free in-app Overlays:

  1. Floating Widgets
  2. Floating Shortcuts
  3. Floating Browser
  4. Floating YouTube
  5. Floating Camera
  6. Floating Calculator
  7. Floating Dialer & Contacts
  8. Floating Flashlight
  9. Battery, Weather, Clock, Missed calls, Unread messages and Widget shortcut

Supported Events

  1. Incoming & Outgoing call
  2. Wifi & Bluetooth support
  3. Device docked
  4. Headset plugged
  5. USB connected
  6. AC plugged and Airplane mod

Permissions explained http://lioriluz.wordpress.com/permissions/

What’s New:

  1. 6.3.7:
  2. Changed: Camera overlay will now minimize on gallery icon click
  3. New! Pro: set any size to overlay through manual size dialog
  4. New! Pro: Sidebar can now have 2 columns
  5. New! Pro: Sidebar show/hide only on specific orientation
  6. Fixed: Sidebar duplicate swipe area
  7. Fixed: Camera auto focus and improved its UI
  8. Fixed: Immersive mode in overlays add/edit screen
  9. Whoops! removed overlay settings ads for Pro users

Mod Info:

Pro features unlocked – no additional key needed.

This application has no advertisements

Download Instructions:




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