ZAS – (Zombie Apocalypse Simulator) 1.1.10 [v1.1.10] (Paid) APK For Android

Requirements: 5.0
Overview: ZAS is a create your own zombie apocalypse simulator and watch the humans try to survive. Zombie Apocalypse Simulator is not only a sandbox game to watch zombie infect, you can interact.

ZAS – (Zombie Apocalypse Simulator) v1.1.10 Apk For Android

Spawn humans where you would like and watch the horde of zombies attack. Place cops down to help protect the civilians and try to sustain the horde from growing, if they fail get the army involved, as well as join the fight with them as a special hero that you can control and send into the horde of zombies and stop the zombie outbreak

Need to block zombies for a moment, place down barricades that zombies can destroy over time.

Place zombie spawners to create a more intense zombie horde.

Create your own personal Zombie Infection story, want to hold down a part of the map with 6 marines against hundreds of zombies and watch each one die before your eyes. Well now that imagination can run wild in this zombie simulator

This paid version includes “placing cops, citizens, barricades for blocking zombie hordes, single zombie, zombies spawners, Army men, Controllable hero, zombie boss if your hero dies, controllable army men, and many more features coming to the people who pay”.

ZAS – (Zombie Apocalypse Simulator) 1.1.10 APK:

Want to test run the game (limited Features). We have a free version of the zombie simulation Link -> … lationFree

If you want a certain feature added to the zombie simulation, make a request on the review section. The more of the same requests the better the chances of getting that feature added. I want this to be the way you want a zombie outbreak to happen!

Updates will roll out every Saturday 5PM MST. Make sure to leave a review of what features you may want added or improvements!

Recommend playing on Android 6.0 or higher in order to have more than 300 zombies without lag

This app has no advertisements

For more info:

ZAS – (Zombie Apocalypse Simulator) v1.1.10 APK Download Instructions:


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